SPJST Lodge 88
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SWim club @ lodge 88

WE ARE BRINGING THE POOL BACK! But this time there will be so much more...

The Swim Club at Lodge 88 will provide a quality aquatics facility in the Greater Heights that encourages athletic, recreational, and fraternal activities of all kinds while strengthening community in the Greater Heights area. Dive in Summer 2020!


we’re making progress

site layout has been approved



Site development

We’ve been busy! The property has been platted, the existing trees have been surveyed, and our design and construction committee have developed multiple potential site plans. With our operating budget and site layout now approved, the next steps are to form an LLC, finalize Membership Deposit language, and begin collecting deposits to fund construction.

The pool and associated facilities will be constructed in the outlined area below. The final details are still under development and will be voted on by members.

Site Outline.PNG


The final site plan is still being discussed based on estimated development costs and member feedback. The pool may not be finished until Summer 2020, but if there is an opportunity to prioritize amenities that can be enjoyed at an earlier date, we will push to get those completed. As always, plans will be communicated and voted on by the members.

In Consideration:

  • Basketball Court

  • Splash Pad

  • Playground

  • Workout Facilities




  • 8 Lane, 25 Yard Heated Lap Pool

  • Recreational Pool

  • Clubhouse with Locker Rooms and Snack Shack

  • Shade Structures

  • Playground

  • Tennis Courts


Become a member today

how to join


how do we join?

At this point the 360 memberships made available to the public have all been reserved. Membership Deposit language will be finalized by the end of January 2019, and Membership Deposit funds will be called upon soon after. If Membership Deposit funds are not received by the communicated deadline, we will move to accept those on the Wait List. Signing up for the Wait List is free and creates no obligation on your part to join the Swim Club once memberships are officially available.

membership requirements

There are NO REQUIREMENTS to join the Wait List.

However, once Memberships become available, you will be required to do the following (don't worry, we will make all of this as simple as possible when the time comes):

Become a Member of SPJST Lodge 88

Join us in making Lodge 88 the center of The Heights Community!

Purchase Refundable Membership Deposit in the Swim Club

One Membership Deposit is required per family.

  • Membership Deposits are $6,000.

  • Membership Deposit funds will be used as capital for construction of the facilities at the Lodge.

  • Membership Deposits are refundable for their original purchase price if/when you resign one day and a replacement Membership Deposit is purchased by another family.

Pay Annual Dues

Annual dues will be 1,000 per year and will cover operating expenses for the Swim Club.

  • No dues are required until the Swim Club begins operation. We are targeting Summer 2020 so join today.

Volunteer at the Lodge

We’re a charitable organization and need volunteers to maintain the Lodge property and run our many events open to the public.

  • 5 hours of volunteer work annually per member family is required!

how does the money work?

360 Refundable Membership Deposits are sold at $6,000 to fund construction of the facilities. Your deposit covers your entire family!

Annual Dues are collected to cover pool operating expenses. Pool operating budget divided by the number of member families will equal annual dues.

When a Member Ends Their Membership, their Membership Deposit is refunded at the original purchase price once a new Membership Deposit is purchased by someone from the Wait List.


join the wait list today!

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