Become a member of spjst

To become a member you do not have to be Czech. We welcome all who wish to join us.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of every month except the annual meeting which is held on the second Sunday of December. The monthly meetings begin at 6:00pm with a light meal followed by the meeting at 7:00pm. The annual meeting begins with a light meal at 12:00pm followed by the annual meeting at 1:00pm.

If you are interested in learning more about SPJST Lodge 88 and the benefits of becoming a member please join us at one or more of the meetings.

SPJST offers several products if you are interested in becoming a member. The policies offered are Whole Life, Single Pay Whole Life, 10 Pay Whole Life, 20 Pay Whole Life, Paid up at 65 Life, Universal Life, 10,15,20 and 30 year Term Life, Final Expense and Annuities. Current rates for Annuities are very competitive. If you would like more information please click on the appropriate tab or contact one of our licensed sales agents.

In addition to these products offered there are other benefits that other life insurance companies do not offer.


SPJST Lodge 88 has a threefold purpose:

  1. To endeavor to keep alive the cherished traditions, customs, and Czech language of our forefathers

  2. To provide and promote fraternal and social fellowship among its members, particularly the children, and to encourage benevolence and humanity through the support of education and charitable institutions and other organizations that foster a similar spirit.

  3. To maintain, promote, and increase membership in the society.