We are very excited to be bringing a great playground to Lodge 88 for all of the children and families to enjoy.

Based on some extensive research by the playground committee on type of playgrounds, ongoing maintenance costs, and various manufacturers and installers, our target budget is $155,000.

  • The Youth Club has already committed $10,000 to the project

  • $25,000 of Swim Club membership deposits are earmarked for the project as well

  • That leaves us with $120,000 for an amenity that our Lodge families can enjoy for years to come.

Some members have already reached out to communicate their interest in supporting the effort to build an amazing playground. So to that end (and pending final Member approval at our July 15th meeting), the Board of Trustees has approved MATCHING ANY MEMBER DONATIONS towards the playground budget up to $60,000 ($35,000 already committed + $60,000 from members + $60,000 from Lodge = $155,000 budget). If we fall short of that budget, we will just have to scale back our scope.

If you are interested in supporting this effort, please complete the form below and don't be afraid to ask any questions. If there is enough interest, we may host an information session between now and the 15th.

Your donation is a generous act to help continue to grow our Lodge and it is very much appreciated by us all.


  • Just for clarification, unlike the Swim Club Membership Deposits which are refundable per the terms of your Membership Agreement, these would be non-refundable contributions to the Lodge to build an amazing playground for member families.

  • Guidance from our tax counsel is that these donations will not be tax deductible by the donor and therefore the Lodge does not anticipate issuing forms to support. However, please consult your own tax professional to make your filing decisions.

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Playground Target Budget - $155,000

Please help contribute to make an amazing playground at Lodge 88 a reality. With member approval, the Lodge will match any donations made by Members until we meet our targeted budget.